I am amazed at the talent of other artists. They inspire me to stretch myself beyond my current knowledge and abilities. They motivate me to grow as an artist and as a person.

As I hope that my art moves people, I want to share some of the artists that influence me. Check back often, as this list will be updated periodically with new artists. Artists are listed alphabetically by their first name.

Andrea Lavery

I found Andrea several years ago when I had a little antique furniture and home decor business. I was looking for art to include in my shop, and found her darling little birds and bees on Etsy. She was gracious enough to allow me to carry her art in my little "store."

Her art makes me feel happy every time I see it. Her whimsical and colorful palette makes me come back time and time again. Over the years, Andrea has become a great long distance friend, teacher, and mentor. For more information about Andrea and to purchase her art, click here.


Charity Hofert

Charity is a long-time, cherished friend and wickedly talented ceramic artist and painter. She creates her art from scratch and uses bold textures and colors to create beautiful, functional art. From her coffee mugs and platters to her jewelry, ornaments, and lumieres, Charity's art is a joyfully bright display of whimsy to add to your collection. Her art also includes inspiration from her Baha'i faith with words of wisdom in several of her pieces. To view Charity's art, follow her on Instagram @charityhofert or on Facebook at Charity Elise Designs.


Duane Keiser

Duance Keiser is an artist whose work I found on Instagram. I love how his still life looks like you could reach out and touch it. I am constantly finding myself trying to figure out how he was able to make bread or flour look so interesting. He has a knack for painting things you would never really notice in your day or even think to paint. A telephone pole, a raw steak, the pulp of an orange, the small reflection in a window. I like to study his subjects. It stretches me to see art in literally anything. To read more about Duane and purchase his art, click here.


Fiona Meek

Fiona is another artist I found on Instagram. Her work comprises mostly of seascapes and landscapes, but many of those scenes include people. I love her work. She has a way of using texture to capture a simple moment and make you feel the mist in the air, the sun on your skin, the breeze against her subjects hair or dress. Her work evokes both the feelings of solitude and intimate community. I find that when I am scrolling through my feed and click the heart on a painting, it is often hers. To read more about Fiona and purchase her art, click here.


Harriet Salt

Harriet is an artist I found on Instagram. Her work is timeless and reminds me of a time gone by. The vintage feel of her art seduces me to come back to her feed time and time again. Every stroke, every texture, the shadows and light in her work, and her ability to make the canvas feel like an antique piece of linen is so stunning. Harriet's subject matter includes a wide array of beauty from floral art and still life to people, animals, and landscapes. Somehow, she just knows how to capture an object or animal or person exactly as you would picture them in real life. The way they bend, turn their head, hold their hand on their hip. It's like a snapshot in time. Sometimes, with an artist, you may find you love one type of subject matter or style over another, but with Harriet, I'm drawn to all of it. I would hang every piece of Harriet's work in my home, if I could. To read more about Harriet and purchase her art, click here.


Karli Corr

I originally found Karli while scrolling through my Instagram feed. Karli is a multifaceted artist with beautifully vibrant scenery and floral art, but it's her realistic art that most catches my attention. She is able to capture seemingly ordinary objects and put them to canvas in a way that is so incredibly interesting and eye-catching. I love every detail, shade, and imperfection. For more information about Karli and to purchase her art, click here.


Laura Lee Zanghetti

I found Laura Lee's art through a Facebook art group this year. Her art captures a moment in a way that makes you feel like you are standing there in that moment. This particular painting caught my eye because it literally made me feel the wind and rain this girl must have felt in this scene. I love the strokes of her art and the way she captures both people and nature with her impressionistic style. To view and purchase her art, click here.


Michael Magrin

Michael is a dear, long-time friend I met when my husband and I first got married. His background is in biological premedical illustration and education. I first had the chance to see Mike's artwork in progress when he started selling his art in a local boutique in Denver. His art today focuses on Plein Air painting of the Colorado open skies. Mike has a way of capturing the magnificent sunrises and sunsets of those big open skies I miss so much. His intention to capture "God's invisible qualities, His eternal power and divine nature" is so beautifully displayed in each piece he creates. To read more about Michael and purchase his art, click here.


Tabitha Paige

Tabitha Paige is an award winning artist I have followed for awhile. Her art is serene, whimsical, and uses a muted palette that I love. Her watercolor art is a huge inspiration to me when working with this medium. I love the details she places on her floral work, especially, but it's her vintage vibe that most moves me. I love her "old world" feel in many of her paintings. Her style is unmistakable when viewing one of her pieces. Her art would fit into anyone's home no matter how they decorate. To read more about Tabitha and purchase her work, click here.


Trish Land

I met Trish when my husband and I were engaged to get married. At the time, she was an event florist, and she created the florals for our wedding. There is nothing this woman can't do. Her creativity exudes from her in so many ways. She's a muse, really. Her use of textures and mediums evolve constantly, and I am always amazed at her ability to create something beautiful from nothing. From event designer to boutique owner to fine artist, Trish is nothing short of incredible. To read more about Trish and purchase her art, click here.