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We Will Bend But We Won’t Break (Print)


Sunflowers face the direction of the sun no matter what time of day it is. So in the morning they face east and by evening they face west. They reach for the rays and warmth to become the magnificent huge blooms that they are. Their strong stalks swaying in the wind.

Watching the lengths Ukrainians have had to go to in order to protect their families and their homeland has been heartbreaking. Their strength and courage in defending democracy is incredibly humbling. They are swaying and bending in the wind, but refusing to break. And through it all, story after heartbreaking story, I see them face the sun.

These replicas of my original painting are giclée prints on beautiful archival paper with a 1/2” border for ease of mounting and framing. Each print is signed and dated.

Size: 9×6″

50% of proceeds from the sale of this painting will go to relief efforts for Ukraine and its people.


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